The Best Lens Cleaner in The World - Coming soon

10 times cheaper and 10 times more sustainable.
One set with 50 refills for only €24.99 or $29.59.


Simply refill the bottle 
with water and add a tablet.

10 times cheaper

Get a 5-year supply for only €24.99 or $29.59!

For all lens types

For prescription and non prescription lenses. Specially made for delicate anti-glare AR coatings.

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1. Sustainable

Designed with nature in mind, the spray bottle is made of highly-durable glass and aluminum, with as little plastic as possible. The solution itself is eco-friendly and does not contain any harmful ingredients. 

The Frugal & Green Lens Cleaner, Glasses and a Cloth

2. Set for 5 years

Includes 50 tablets for 50 refills. That's 5 years' worth of cleaning for your glasses.

The Lens Cleaner refill Tabs

3. Just add water

How did we make the spray 10 times greener? By formulating a cleaning solution in a tablet. Simply fill the bottle with tap water and drop in a tablet. The magic happens in just 2 minutes.

Organic, eco-friendly cleaning solution

4. Suitable for all lenses

Alcohol free and completely safe to use on all lenses. Suitable for antireflective (AR) coatings, hydrophobic, super hydrophobic or any other optical lens. Friendly to photographic lenses too.

The Frugal & Green Lens Cleaning kit

5. Clean

Spray each lens on both sides and wipe with included cloth. No need to spray every day—usually the cloth alone is enough. But in case of stubborn smears and smudges, the spray will clear the view.

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